The cheese dairy “Psiloritis” is the most modern dairy production plant that combines technology with tradition.


The cheese dairy “ Psiloritis” is the most modern dairy production plant that combines technology with tradition. There are daily necessary checks which are carried out for the hygiene assurance of the dairy products as well as the cheese produced during the whole production process. This is how the best result is ensured regarding not only the taste and the texture of the cheese but also the maintaining microbiological safety according to strict specifications.

The cheese dairy “Psiloritis” has been producing traditional Cretan products since 1993. The name emerged from the area in which it operates but also from where the raw material is procured. It is located at the foothills of Psiloritis mountain at Livadia village in the prefecture of Rethymnon and it operates as a family business.

The founder of this family business Mr Klados Efstratios, having love and passion for it, started the cheese production ( graviera and a kind of hard cheese called kefalotyri) by using milk from his own sheep and goats. In 1995 with the increase in demand, milk supply to our cheese dairy started also by other producers of the area. Particular attention was and is always paid to the assessment of their facilities, to the healthy milking with modern methods, to the temporary storage of the milk in basins with ice cubes until they are released to our cheese dairy as well as the quality of the milk received. In fact, the milk comes from local sheep and goat breeds which are mostly reared in mountainous areas throughout the year, thus achieving the special taste of our products.

The products produced by our cheese dairy are:
Kefalotyri (a kind of hard cheese), Cretan Gruyere, Cretan Xynomyzithra, Anthotyros, Sweet Myzithra and White Brine Cheese.

In 2007 the family business relocated to a new location with ultramodern facilities and equipment and it was certified according to the International Food Safety Management Standards ISO 22000:2006 by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

The demand of the market for safe and quality products is becoming more and more intense, which highlights the need to produce high-end products in compliance with all hygiene rules and with respect for consumer protection.